SEO Knowledge Test

10 questions total, 15 minutes maximum, for mid-level programmers

The Test Is About On-Page SEO Only

Search engine optimization can be divided on two major parts:

  • Off-page SEO. This includes link building, social media promotion, etc.
  • On-page optimization

Both parts are very important, but in this test we do NOT cover the first part. All questions are related only to on-page SEO.


External promotion has no such clear rules to improve the rankings. There are different strategies here. Many of them can be successful as well as failing.

On the other hand, the rules of on-site optimization are very clear and well documented by search engines, including Google.

Who is this test for?

  • HTML developers
  • Technical specialist from SEO agencies (in case your developer is not familiar with on-page SEO and you hire some third-party company)

What knowledges does the SEO test prove?

  • HTTP response status codes (404, 301, etc)
  • Meta tags (title, keyword, description, canonical)
  • Noindex instructions (rel='nofollow', noindex, etc)
  • URLs structure
  • Most important factors of on-page SEO

Sample SEO Test Question

A website has the domain name:

A user accidentally typed the wrong subdomain in the browser:

or just (two 'w' symbols, instead of three)

What is most correct way to handle this, in terms of SEO?

  • To show the page, identical to homepage, but keep initial URL:
  • To do the redirect (301 status code, moved permanently) to main domain:
  • To show an error page (404 or 501 status code) or just to setup the DNS server not to handle wrong subdomains