JavaScript Online Test

20 questions total, 35 minutes maximum, for mid-level programmers

You can automatically assess the programming aptitude of prospective candidates using our JavaScript online test.

This quiz consists of 20 questions written and reviewed by a team of veteran JavaScript developers. It covers a wide spectrum of JavaScript language knowledge and provides an accurate snapshot of candidates' programming skills, allowing you to easily identify the most promising developers.

With our JavaScript test, finding the best candidates to interview is as easy as checking your email!

Quiz test includes:

JavaScript  -  20 Questions

  • General JavaScript, Operators and Statements
  • Functions and Scope, Passing by Reference vs. by Value
  • JavaScript Objects, Arrays
  • Using JavaScript in Browsers: DOM, Events, Security

Sample JS Test Question

Which of the following JavaScript snippets will create an alert box containing "Hello John Doe"?

Answer 1
Answer 2
Answer 3
Answer 4

The correct answers are 1 and 3.

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1. Does each candidate receive the same test questions?

Yes, each candidate answers the same questions of the JavaScript online test.

The reason for this is simple. In order to accurately compare candidates, the questions that they answer must have the same level of difficulty.

And different Js questions will inevitably have different levels of difficulty.

However, the order of both questions and answers differ from one test to another.

2. How do I read and evaluate the exam scores?

The most important thing to realize about the JavaScript quiz is this:

The purpose of our service is not necessarily to find the best developer, but rather to avoid the worst developers.

Take the following scenario as a prime example.

Five candidates are applying the same JavaScript developer position.

You send them JavaScript interview test.

Out of a possible score of 100, they achieve 35, 45, 60, 65, and 80 respectively.

You may be tempted to offer a live interview only to the candidate who scored 80. However, we would recommend that you extend interview invitations to three candidates who scored 60, 65, and 80.

Keep in mind that your final hiring decision should depend on many factors.

In addition to fundamental skills and knowledge, you probably want to consider attributes such as overall professional experience and the ability to work as part of a team.

In other words, please don't base your final decision on our javascript test alone!

3. JavaScript Quiz vs. Coding Test

Our test requires a candidate to choose answers from a series of options. In other words, candidates don't actually write any code on their own like in JavaScript coding test.

Why did we choose quiz format?

The answer lies in the complexity of the code writing process. There are simply too many different ways to write code that accomplish the same goal.

If we required test-takers to write their own JS code, we would need to grade each answer manually. This is impractical for obvious reasons.

Looking forward to the future, however, we plan to launch a feature that will allow customers to personalize tests by adding specific questions that meet their own particular needs.

If you have suggestions on how to make this feature useful, please let us know.

4. What is difficulty level of the test?

We developed the JavaScript exam primarily for developers who are used to working at a mid-level of competency.

5. What's about junior and senior level developers?

You can use the JavaScript skills test to evaluate both junior and senior developers. However, you should decrease or increase the acceptance score accordingly.

The test contains questions of a sufficient variety to allow fair evaluation of lesser and greater JavaScript skill levels, so long as you adjust the acceptance score.

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