Java Developer Salary by Countries 2017 (Infographic)

How much does a Java developer salary pay?

It’s a question that everybody from graduates to established businesses need to know if they are going to make a correct decision when it comes Java jobs.

But there is so much data, so much information that can skew that decision making process.

Fortunately, we’ve gone out and done the research for you.

In the infographic below, we will explore how much Java pays in different countries around the world. So whether you live in India or the USA, you’ll know if learning Java is going to give you that big pay day you deserve.
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How to Hire a Programmer (24 Actionable Tips for Non-Techies)

Hire a Programmer

I think we can all agree:

Hiring a programmer can be an extremely daunting task.

Especially if you can’t program.

How do you know what to do? What questions to ask? What steps to take to hire a software engineer that fits your business?

I know:

It’s overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be:

With our list of actionable tips, technical hiring will no longer be a headache and…

…you can double your chances of securing that dream software developer.

In today’s post, I will show you 24 of the best tips that’ll help you hire great programmers for years to come.

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