Payments. Paying online with a bank card

Our site allows purchases online, and you can pay for our services by using Visa or MasterCard bank cards.

After accepting the purchase of the package selected, a secure page with the CloudPayments processing service will open, where you need to enter the information of your bankcard.

3D Secure is used for additional user verification. If your bank supports this technology, you will be redirected to their server for additional authentication.

Security guarantee

CloudPayments system protects and processes your bankcard information according to PCI DSS 3.0 security standard.

The information to the payment system is sent encrypted with the use of SSL encryption technology.

Further information processing is done through closed banking networks, which have the highest security measures in place.

CloudPayments does not send or give your bankcard information to any third party.

3D Secure technology is used for additional user verification.

Online payments safety

The information you enter (name, email, credit card number) is confidential and is never shared with anyone.

Your credit card information is always sent encrypted and is not stored on our web-server.

Bank guarantees the safety of all processed online payments. All operations done with the payment cards are done according to the requirements listed by VISA International, MasterCard, and other payments systems.